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Within "The Champion Movement" there are discoveries designed to lay the foundation for your true fulfillment … to become The Champion you were designed to be … not for yourself, but for others. Let’s face it, we all know people who are perceived as “successful,” but at their core, it’s clearly evident they still are not happy. They are still not fulfilled.

In early 2006, Simon Sinek, author of the book Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to take Action, made a discovery. It changed his view on how he thought the world worked. And it changed the way he operated in the world. He discovered that the great leaders of the world think, act, and communicate the exact same way. And it’s the opposite of everyone else. And to Simon’s credit, he co-defied it.

He introduced to the world the concept of the Golden Circle.

As part of The Champion Movement, you will have access to your own personal online WHY Discovery Course which is led and narrated by Simon himself. There’s no one more qualified to lead you through this discovery process than Simon. Period. Here’s what Simon has to say about the WHY discovery and the course itself...

simon discover your why“I believe that fulfillment is a right, not a luxury. A vast majority of people do not feel fulfilled by the work they do. They may like their jobs, but they don't love their jobs. We’ve made it our mission to help build a world in which the vast majority of people wake up every single morning inspired to go to work and return home at the end of each day fulfilled by the work that they do.

We've learned that fulfillment, in large part, comes from feeling a part of something bigger than ourselves ... from having a good reason to go to work ... beyond our need to just make money, or provide for our families. From having a purpose for what we do ... from knowing why we do what we do. When we have a sense of why we do what we do, we are better able to make decisions and steer our careers in a way that contribute directly to that purpose, cause, or belief. The result is, we feel like we belong ... we have a reason for what we do. In other words, we feel fulfilled.

This course is designed to help you discover your WHY. At the end of the course, you should be able to articulate your WHY, and have an understanding of the first steps you'll need to take to really begin living it.

The reason to discover our why is that it serves as a compass ... it gives us a single focus to point us is the right direction is the overarching driving force that guides everything we do.

With your WHY in hand, you can use it as a filter ... through which to make important decisions ... decisions that will affect how you manage your career. Having a clear sense why we do what we do, helps us stay inspired and, as importantly, helps us inspire those around us. And, at the end of the day, that's really the point of all this. Success is not an individual sport ... it's a team sport

The way to find fulfillment is to find the people we can trust ... the people who we know can help us. Knowing WHY we do what we do significantly enhances our ability to attract the people who believe what we believe.

I'm often asked if it's possible for an individual to have more than one why. People often feel that they have one WHY at home and a different WHY at work. The reality is, each person only has one why. Having more than one why is like two captains on the ship. Which one would you listen to?

A clear understanding of WHY we do what we do gives us the clarity we need to find the jobs, companies, communities, and partnerships that allow us to be at our natural best and feel fulfilled by the things that we do.When we have clarity of WHY, and are disciplined about HOW we do things, and are consistent in WHAT we do ... when all those three pieces are in balance, we know exactly what we should be doing. In total, those three pieces make us who we are. And when we know who we are, that feels really really good.

Though all three parts of the golden circle are equally important, this course is designed to help people discover the part that is most difficult to put into words ... the piece that's often missing ... knowing why we do what we do.”

You do have a WHY. Do you know what is? Can you put your WHY into clear and succinct words?

You have a unique gift. When your gift is discovered, you begin to understand how this gift impacts others … for good … for service. And when you do, you now can live into a world where you are genuinely and authentically fulfilled by the things that you do.

The WHY discovery process will uncover a profound truth to you. Your purpose … your WHY, involves other people.

Your fulfillment in life is directly proportional to the impact we have on others. Why? As social creatures, we are designed to be in service to others. And when we get a clear picture on our unique contribution to the world and also understand the impact of that contribution to the world, we attract people to us who believe what we believe. In turn, we are able to inspire ourselves and the world around us by ensuring the impact is felt by the unique gift each of us has to offer.

How are you able to begin doing this? By discovering your WHY.

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