To loyally serve people with grace and dignity so that others can live empowered lives.

Robert Faith, Champion Movement Leadership Team

robert-faithMy name is Robert Faith. I am a retired veterinarian. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. After high school I continued my education and received a BS degree from Texas Western College (now the University of Texas El Paso), a DVM degree from Texas A&M, and a PhD degree from the University of Florida. I spent my entire career in biomedical research. The last regular job I held was at the Medical College of Wisconsin, which is why we live in Wisconsin. After I retired from the Medical College I spent several years consulting at about 50% time.

My wife, Stacia, and I have been married for 34 years. We celebrated our 34th anniversary by renewing our wedding vows on 10/22/2014. This is a second marriage for both of us. Between us we have 2 sons (1 hers and 1 mine) and a daughter (hers). We met in Oklahoma where I was working. When we moved from Houston to Wisconsin her son and my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson followed us to Wisconsin. Her son met and married a Wisconsin girl and they now live in North Carolina. My son and his family lived with us for 3 ½ years. While they were living with us we were blessed with another grandson. They have purchased their own home and live a couple of miles away from our house. We see our grandsons frequently as we keep them 4 days a week in the summer and after school during the school year. We consider ourselves blessed to have so much contact with them, and the opportunity to positively influence their lives.

Apart from enjoying family, my wife and I like to stay active in our church, travel, fish, auto racing, and being outdoors. In addition I like to garden and cook. We have been fortunate enough to travel to many places in the world. Music has a very special place in both our lives. I have had a love of music for as long as I can remember, and believe that music is one of the ways that god speaks to us. Stacia sings and plays guitar, and writes songs. We are active in the local music scene and many of our friends are musicians. The picture to the right was taken the night we renewed our wedding vows (Stacia is the one in the center). There was an open mic following the ceremony. We attend open mics and other music events several times a month. I video record many of the open mics and make DVDs available to the performers as a learning tool for them.

I joined the Champion Movement for several reasons. Although I am retired it is not in my nature to sit around and do nothing. I am concerned about the current state of the world and the state of the world we will leave to our children and grandchildren. I concur with the Movement’s premise that the world can be changed one person at a time. I am excited to be associated with a group of like-minded people. Additionally, I know I can learn a lot from Ryan and JJ. To date the introspection resulting from the Champion Project and Why Discovery Program has resulted in my having a greater appreciation of who I am, and being more aware of how I interact in the world and with the people around me. My family, especially my wife and grandsons have noticed the greater, more focused individual attention I have been paying to them