To open the door of belief in people, so that they are inspired,to
courageously break free, and choose transformation.

Michael Cooper "Coop", Champion Movement Leadership Team

michael-cooperWe were created and molded, magnificently at birth!

" Thank you mom, for the nurturing, comfort and the protection that you provided me, while I was forming, molding and being created inside of you. Thank you for bringing me into this world, so that I would at least, have an opportunity, to have the ability to make a huge positive and lasting impact on it."

We should all be much nicer to one another. After all, we all had the same magnificent experience happen to us in our life. We're really not at all that different. We all came into the world the same way!
We are all, extraordinary individuals!

" It's just the good or bad choices that we have made in our life, that separates us."

I had to sit down by myself in a quite space. Think about the questions and let my mental computer go to work, into search mode. So that my brain would be able to rearrange and put my thoughts, feelings and visions in order, allowing me to be able to openly and honestly answer the questions that were asked of me. When things started to come together. It all began to start feeling real good. I really enjoy understanding and discovering my WHY.

The decisions that I have made and lived in my life, are the ones that got me to where I'm at right now in my life. The good, the bad and the ugly. No excuses or blaming anyone.
I'm now looking forward to the life that I'll be living from now and into my future!

While going through the WHY discovery process, there will come a time in the process, where you will have to have a partner or friend, to be able to tell your stories to. In order to be able to, help you refine and hone in on your WHY statement. Also, to be able to help facilitate you through the process, so that you'll be able to truly, discover your WHY statement.

I had the sincere pleasure, privilege and opportunity to have Mr. John Jackson… A.k.a.… JJ, as my WHY discovery facilitator.

God blessed me with the privilege, ability and opportunity to be able to openly and honestly, peel back the layers of my life and own every bit of it. The good the bad and the ugly, because I ultimately had the final decision, in any decision, that was made, by me, in my life.

No excuses and not blaming anyone else, for where I'm at, in my life right now!

I was comfortably able to open up with Mr. John Jackson, because I trust, believe and respect him for who he is as a person,

  • Entrepreneur
  • Inspirational and Motivational Leader
  • Master Speaker
  • Coach, etc!

I knew that he would give me his open and honest opinion. So that I would truly be able to hone in and discover my WHY.

When I was finished with my, privileged to be able to have, conversation with John Jackson. I magically and powerfully discovered and started to understand my WHY.

How and why I was able to make decisions in my life that have turned out to be very positive for me and has continued, rising me to higher personal levels in my life.

( My Purpose In Life )

My WHY is:

To open the door of belief in people,
so that they are inspired,
to courageously break free,
and choose transformation.

This discovery has had, and is having a very powerful, profound, empowering and inspiring impact on my life.

I now know and understand my God gifted talent. The one that is strictly unique to me. The ability to be able to inspire and share my WHY with and help others, so that they will be able to also share their WHY with others, once discovered.
It was inside of me all along. Just waiting to be discovered, so that I would be able to recognize it and have the ability to go out and positively, inspire and share it with the world!

I was living my life, taking responsibility for my actions and trying to understand my purpose and my WHY, but I just didn't know how to go about trying to find out what it was.

God guided me, to be able to connect up with the master motivator. Mr. John Jackson.
The one and only. Out of all people, to be able to help me discover my WHY.

It's as if God sent me to John Jackson. For him to ask the right questions that needed to be asked. In order to help me discover, what I needed to know, in order for me to be able to discover and understand my WHY. So that I can also help make a powerful, positive impact on the world, by helping others to have the ability to do the same.
So that I can also, continue my adventurous, exciting journey of life that allow my dreams to come true.

Thank you JJ, for sharing your WHY with me and for helping me, to be able to discover and understand my WHY.
Thank you also, for having a great listening ear, to hear what I had to say and for just being who you are as a person. Mr. John Jackson!

That was truly, a powerful, empowering, inspiring, uplifting, soul searching experience!
Thank you Sir! I love you Mr. John Jackson. ( Big Brother )

That experience was a perfect example, of how John Jackson always end his calls. By saying:

( Do something Good, something Positive, for Somebody, but do it in the way of Knowing, that there's no way, that they'll ever be able to repay you )

Thank you Mr. Jackson. You're right, I'll never be able to repay you for the powerful, positive and touching impact, that going through the WHY discovery process with you as my facilitator, has had on my life.

I realize now that, In order for one to become a true champion in life. They must first know, understand and live their WHY.

Mr. John Jackson… A.k.a.… JJ, is a true champion, because he's a very mentally powerful, motivating, empowering, inspiring, positive role model and true leader. He's also a master speaker, coach and trainer and is also, well versed with wisdom and courage!

He knows, understands and lives his WHY, daily and consistently. He's always, positively and powerfully, willing to serve and share his God gifted talents with us all!

Thank you, for being who you are Mr John Jackson, continue to inspire others so that they will also, be able to go out and also inspire others.

Thank you for your rare positive voice and message that you send out through the airwaves, daily.
It's very refreshing to hear the positive, motivating and encouraging words of what you have to say.
Instead of having to have to listen to all of the negative information, that is so prevalent. That is being sent through the airwaves, in the world today.

You truly inspire me! Mr. John Jackson

WHY = Purpose In life = ( There's a purpose in life, inside of each and every one of us, we just have to discover our WHY. So that we will be able to recognize and understand what it is, In order to be able to go out and positively, share it with the world ) In order to really be a true champion!

When a person truly understands and shares their WHY with others, good positive things starts to happen in their life.

This is just an example of what I'm talking about:

God blew his breath on Mr. John Jackson, which allowed him to have the strength, courage, opportunity and desire, to powerfully close one door of his life, in order to have the opportunity and ability, to be able to open up a new, different door. ( The Champion Movement )

That was a very powerful and bold decision to have to make. Especially, not knowing what was going to happen afterwards!

In addition to that, God blew his breath on Mr. Jackson again, by connecting him up with and allowing him to have the privilege and opportunity to partner up with another master, on this project and movement. Mr. Ryan Nelson.

Mr. Ryan Nelson, in his own rights, is a true professional and a master at his own crafts!

He's someone who also knows, lives and understands his WHY and knows why it must be shared with others. He also has great gifts to share and also have the ability to help others.

Mr. Nelson is, the mastermind, when it comes to putting all of the pieces to the puzzle of the website design and functionality together.

He's the master at having the ability to bring the champion movement and project to life, on the Internet.

Making sure that everything clicks and works properly like it should.
Looks good to the eye and that the package is professionally put together.
The ability to be able to deliver the product and share it with the world.  Professionally put the package together, which make us all look professional as a movement!
He's also a master trainer and coach!

This is yet another perfect example, of how God puts people together for a reason, a season, or a lifetime!

Positive things between the two of them began to manifest, because they both, believe in God, know, live and understand their WHY and purpose in life.

Together, these two gentlemen, are a great compliment to each other, because they are the best, of the best, at what they do and bring to the table, Individually and collectively.
They also, both share a similar vision for the champion movement.

The world needs the champion movement!

It is truly remarkable to see what they have created together. Which will truly have a powerful, empowering and lasting impact on the world!

Those of you who have ever met these two gentlemen, Mr. John Jackson and Mr. Ryan Nelson, you know what I'm talking about. They're both Masters of their crafts.

I'm sure that you would agree.

They step out, in front of the curtains, they don't hide behind the curtains!

This is a perfect example of what happens to people, when they truly believe in God and understand their WHY and are willing to share it.

Good positive things start to happen in a persons life, seeming to be coming from out of know where.

Even though they have no clue. When it's going to happen, what's going to happen or how it's going to happen. They don't even have anything to go on, or rely upon.

They will just truly know, feel and believe in their heart, soul and mind. That everything is going to turn out okay and it does!

God doesn't give us the dream, until he equips and prepares us for receiving it, in order to make sure that we will be ready, able and prepared to receive it, at his time and place of choosing.

Thank you Mr. Ryan Nelson, for coming on board and sharing your WHY and your impeccable expertise with us and for also being one of the creators of the champion movement!

I'm sure that with you two gentlemen directing, steering and guiding the ship. Each displaying, living and sharing your own personal, individual WHY statement and vision, ( God gifted talents, hidden within us all ) and with the feedback from the champion movement community.

We are about to embark and set sail on an uncharted, exciting, adventurous, fulfilling, lifelong voyage and journey.

The Champion Movement is one of the most greatest, challenging, rewarding and very beneficial projects that a person can ever go through, in their lifetime!

It's all about investing in yourself, in order to be able to understand, who you are as a person and what's your WHY statement and purpose in life. So that you will be able to help make a powerful, inspiring, positive impact on the world.

" Instead of investing in, what products am I going to be trying to manipulate people into buying and how much of it do I have to sale, in order for me, to be able to make a lot of money. "

( Invest your money into yourself, instead of just throwing it away. So that you'll be able to really discover who you are as a person, what's your purpose in life and how you can be an inspiration to yourself and others. ) Redirect the throwed away money and invest it into educating yourself.

The champion movement, is a college course of life, that is not taught in college, which should be taught in schools and colleges.
If more people discovered their WHY, understood it, lived it and shared it.

The world would be a much better place to live in!

If you're a parent, adult, teenager, college grad.,etc. It doesn't matter. the champion movement is a project that needs to be discovered, acquired and understood, so that you will be able to powerfully, positively and inspirationally, pass the knowledge on to your children, siblings, friends and acquaintances. So that they might also have the opportunity to become champions!

I hope to see you on the other side! ( The Champion Movement )

What's Your Why?