To loyally serve people with grace and dignity so that others can live empowered lives.

Ryan Nelson

You’re probably familiar with the standard “About” page on many websites. This is not one of those pages. Instead, I’d rather tell you about the Ryan I know, the guy I’ve chosen to partner with to serve anyone who happens across The Champion Movement.

JJ’s “Ryan Nelson” Top 10 List

10. He has cool toys. Specifically, a serious drone that we have flown together over my home, over my neighborhood, and over a cornfield in Kansas together. We have bonded over the drone. Plus, he’s lets my son Wyatt fly it which means the drone has, more than once, been in danger of plummeting to the ground like a meteor. Ryan doesn’t flinch when Wyatt flies the drone like a Shriner driving a go-cart (if you don’t know what that means you haven’t been to enough parades in Texas). He’s a good, patient man.

ryan-nelson9. He has dogs. Peyton, Riley, and Brody. We have bonded over slobber and stained carpet. Neither of us cares about that more than we love our dogs. Plus, long before we knew each other he named his dog Riley and I named my daughter Riley. If that’s not fate bringing us together I don’t how else you would describe it.

8. He has a wife. I have a wife. Jessica and Lori, respectively. We both know marriage can be hard at times - it’s not all unicorns, glitter and rainbows - but we both believe that many of the good things in life require hard work and commitment and that a good marriage is one of those things worth fighting for.

7. He’s got Oklahoma. Ryan is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, which I’ll admit has caused this graduate of the University of Oklahoma - BOOMER SOONER - to question his judgment from time to time (especially during football season when he insists on rooting for the wrong team).

6. He’s got Texas. Somehow, we both wound up putting down roots in Texas, the land of cowboy boots, BBQ, and a little bit of crazy, ya’ll. But there must be something in the air down here, as we don’t always care about doing things the way everybody else does them. We’d rather be ourselves, do it right, and help others make their mark in the world.

5. He’s scary smart. But don’t tell him I said that. I think he actually believes I’m keeping up with him when he talks about SEO, coding, HTML, RAM, buffering and rendering and such when in fact, most of the time, I’m daydreaming about a Dairy Queen dip cone. Ryan is the computer guy. In fact, he was named one of the five best online marketers in the United States and is the author of numerous studies and reports on the topic. If bringing Champion Movement to life on the Internet was my job you’d have a carrier pigeon holding a 3 ring binder at your front door right now.

4. His people are farmers. My people are farmers. Farmers believe in long days and hard work. Farmers aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Farmers have faith, trusting that the rain will come from above and the crops will grow. Ryan and I are both farmers at heart.

3. His mom likes me. Sorry, I just had to throw that in there, but it’s true. She told me, in private, that I’m like the son she never had. Okay, that part’s not true - she had two of her own and she’s pretty proud of them both. But I believe you find out a lot about a person when you meet their extended family. This family, the Ryan family, doesn’t just talk about doing good things and helping out others, they actually roll up their sleeves and extend a hand. That must be where Ryan gets it...

2. He’s a proud Veteran of the United States Army. Ryan served for six years and while I didn’t have the privilege of serving alongside him, I can tell you there would be no man I’d want by my side on the battlefield more than Ryan Nelson. He’s one of those “I got your back” kind of guys. He is loyal and honest and faithful. He is a champion of the underdog and a fighter for those who are willing to fight for themselves. He brings that passion and zeal to the Champion Movement and he inspires the heck out of me every day with his commitment to helping others.

1. He’s a classically trained actor. This means someday he will probably introduce me to Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie because don’t all actors belong to some secret club where they all know each other? Seriously, though, this guy is the real deal. There are a lot of “actors” in business and on the internet these days claiming to be gurus who have the “key”, the “secret”, the “never before revealed” latest and greatest. Ryan is not one of those guys. He believes in solid tools, resources and training, authentic conversations and admitting when you don’t have all the answers, the power of helping each other, and the belief that everyone and every business deserves the opportunity to rise to their full potential. He believes in the power of the Champion Movement.

Why Ryan Nelson?

"Ryan Nelson is here to loyally serve people with grace and dignity so that others can live empowered lives.”

  • Author of SEO Battlefield
  • Have a M.A.D. Day!
  • LaunchPad Trainer
  • Speaker & Coach
  • Over 5 million dollars in online sales
  • Host of Champion Radio